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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Has Reaching Out to Influencers Gone Too Far? My Vine is...

Has Reaching Out to Influencers Gone Too Far?

My Vine is intended in a great bit of fun (and hopefully +Mark Traphagen ​ won’t mind me pulling him into this… ;D)… However, I do think it’s worth a conversation about how far people go sometimes to #LinkBait. When considering a plus mention or other sort of social mention I think it’s important to do so with the utmost amount of class - even when simply alluding to someone or their idea.

I don’t believe that it’s either necessary or expedient to pull someone down to lift one’s self up. I’ve been seeing a bit of a trend toward this lately and I’d be remiss if I saw it and didn’t express my disfavor for this kind of attachment-notoriety. Speaking directly to a person or about a product or idea is perfectly acceptable and fair, so I’m not trying to persuade anyone to never call someone out when the information being presented is false or misleading.

The thing I find repugnant is the sort of backbiting that goes on in the wink of some cleverly composed phrases or hashtags which are strewn together to market to a specific tribe - all while drawing upon past discussions yet never directly mentioning those whom are being targeted.

I call that #CowardlyMarketing.

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