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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Identity and Developing a New FocusI am currently involved in...

Identity and Developing a New Focus

I am currently involved in writing, research, and gathering data for which I can be completely transparent and share with you my intent to build a repository of images which can be classified under #PastIdentities in order to use them to contrast with the picture of our #NewFocus.

I’ve shared with you an example of one of my #PastIdentities. This is a serious project, intended for real growth in understanding our own evolution, as well as the evolution of others. It is amazing, sometimes, the things we think others know about us. I believe that we can heal deeply-rooted wounds when we learn to connect with other people’s pain and progress. Sometimes, it is enough to respect someone by simply knowing how far they’ve come. And sometimes the person that needs to see this the most is our self.

If you would like to participate in this project, please comment below.

H/t: +DENNIS N. DUCE ​ & +Stephanie Sims

(for the topic of Developing a New Focus)

Sh/o: +Grizwald Grim

(this may be a good one for you)


H/t: +David Amerland

(because I flat out stole some of your wording… and you might be interested in using some of the data I hope to gather) =D

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